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Choose Your Window Well Covers Properly

Window wells are important for basement windows. They not only let light into the basement, but they can also help keep water away from the foundation to minimize cracking. This will help your house last longer and maintain its value.

However, window wells can also be problematic. If they weren’t set up properly, they can collect water, which then leaks into your home. They might allow access by burglars. Kids, pets, and wildlife can fall into them, getting injured or trapped. Plus, they collect trash and leaves to provide an unattractive appearance.

Window well covers can solve all these problems if you choose your window well covers properly. Take these steps to find the right window well cover for you.

Decide Which Wells You Want to Cover

First, survey all the window wells around your home to decide which ones need covers and which ones can be left uncovered. Shallow window wells aren’t much of a hazard and are easy to clean out. As long as they’re not collecting water when it rains or snows (they’re under an awning or have adequate drainage, for example), these window wells might not need to be covered.

Check Code and HOA Requirements for Window Well Covers

Local housing codes might have standards that apply to window well covers. They might require a certain strength, or demand that they be easily removable when installed over an egress window.

HOAs often have requirements for anything that affects the appearance of your house and might therefore impact the values of other homes in the neighborhood. Sometimes this includes window well covers, and bubble covers are a common target for exclusion.

Durable Materials Offer the Best Value

While thin plastic bubble covers are usually the least expensive option, they are rarely the best value. They damage easily and degrade quickly. This means you will have to replace them many times more than higher-quality covers. In addition, they’re easy to knock out of place, either by you bumping them, or when the wind picks up. This means that they might not be providing the protection you expect when you need them. Polycarbonate, aluminum, and stainless steel all offer a longer lifetime and better values.

Select Window Well Covers That Can Support Weight

If you want to protect children and pets from falling into window wells, choose window well covers that can support weight. This is especially important for window wells near play areas, decks, outdoor kitchens, and any place where people frequently hang out.

Decide How Much Light You Want to Let in

Different styles of window well covers admit more or less light. For some windows opening into storerooms or other unfinished space in your basement, light might not matter. However, if there are areas you plan to use frequently, such as playrooms, media rooms, and exercise rooms, you want to make sure you admit as much light as possible. Grates admit much less light than clear covers like polycarbonate.

Determine Whether You Need Custom Window Well Covers

Measure your window wells to determine whether there are standard covers available for your window wells. If there aren’t covers that match the size and shape of all your window wells, you will need to get custom covers. If you are getting custom covers for some window wells, it might make sense to get custom covers for all window wells.

Look for a Warranty

Window well covers are outside your home and subjected to the elements on a daily basis. Materials that aren’t up to the challenge can fail early, which means that you might not get the promised value from them.

Picking covers with a good warranty helps ensure you get full value from your window well covers.

Choose a Window Well Cover That Fits Your Style

Window well covers come in many styles, so you can hopefully choose one that meets all the needs above and still comes in a style that makes you happy about its appearance.

Why Choose Window Well Covers 4U in Denver

If you are looking for window well covers in the Denver area, Window Well Covers 4U offers high-quality options that put our products at the top of the market. Our attractive window well covers can beautify your home. We are HOA-acceptable and code-compliant. Our durable window well covers are rust-proof, impact resistant, and can support up to 500 pounds in weight. They let in essentially 100% of the light from the sun, and they come in many styles, including a frosted option that protects your privacy. We offer a limited lifetime warranty to protect all our window well covers.

In addition, our exclusive All About You Service Approach™ helps ensure you have the best installation experience.

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