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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fit my window well?

Yes! All our window well covers are custom-made, and we can fit rectangular, five sided, or seven-sided window wells. We can work with window wells that are metal, concrete, plastic, fiberglass, wood, or stone. We can even build to accommodate windows that swing into the well.

Are your windows code compliant?

Yes! Our windows meet all relevant building codes, including ensuring that you can still use your egress windows in the event of an emergency.

What are your window well covers made of?

Our window well covers are made of nearly indestructible Makrolon polycarbonate.

Will these window well covers stand up to hail?

Yes! The durable polycarbonate we use is often chosen for airplane windows because it is highly durable and resistant to impacts from hail and other objects.

Will these window well covers yellow?

No. Our polycarbonate covers are UV stabilized, so they are unaffected by the sun. They will remain clear and beautiful for life.

Will the window well covers rust?

Our window well covers are rust-proof. They will not rust.

Do I have to install my window well covers?

No. We will measure your window wells, cut, and install the covers for you. However, if you have a tight budget, you can choose DIY installation and pick up your custom window well covers and install them yourself.

Do I have to be home to have my window well covers installed?

No. We do all the work outside your house and do not need access to the interior. We can complete installation when you are not home. As long as we have access to an outdoor outlet, we can complete installation.

Are window well covers attached to my house?

No. Window well covers are attached only to the window well.

Are the covers under warranty?

Yes! We back all our covers with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Read more warranty information here.

Do I need to measure my window wells to get an estimate?

No. We send someone to your house to measure your window wells so we can give you an accurate estimate. Estimates are free – there’s no travel charge or other cost to get an estimate.

How do you price your window well covers?

We price each window well cover individually, based on the exact size, shape, and features of that cover. We never overestimate construction costs by giving a flat cost for all window wells. You only pay a fair price for each window cover you receive.

How much weight does the cover support?

Our custom covers can support up to 500 lbs. We support them with back bar construction that makes them sturdy and durable.

How long does it take to get my window well covers?

After you call for an estimate, we will have someone on your property within five days to take measurements and give you an estimate. Since we craft all covers on site, we can complete the project quickly. Our typical turnaround time is 6-10 days.

How do I get started?

Just call or use our online form today to request a free estimate. We’ll have someone at your house within five days to take measurements and give you an estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!