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The Right Window Well Cover 4 U

Custom Window Well Covers in Denver, Colorado

Window Well Covers 4U provides premium quality window well covers to individuals living in Denver and the surrounding areas of Colorado. All of our window well covers are built on site using the finest quality materials, all of which are manufactured in the USA. You’ll benefit from a beautiful appearance that makes your life more enjoyable and increases your home value.

Maintaining a beautiful home takes a great deal of effort, and we work hard to make this home improvement experience easy and hassle free. At Window Well Covers 4U, we understand the importance of providing a quality product that is highly functional, long-lasting, and improves the appearance and your satisfaction of your home.

Delivering the Exceptional Experience You Deserve

At Window Well Covers 4U, we make exceptional customer service a priority. Our team will always go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. We accomplish this by:

  • Guaranteeing the fastest possible completion of services
  • Providing a truly customized experience
  • Delivering quality workmanship
  • Making ourselves available at all times to answer your questions and provide project updates

In addition, we provide extensive education about the entire process so that you understand your options before moving forward. As part of this education, you’ll receive detailed information about:

  • The different materials used for covers
  • Custom cover options

Our All About You Service Approach™

This commitment to exceptional customer service is the driving force behind our All About You Service Approach™. We’re the only window well cover specialists in Colorado delivering this exclusive approach which guarantees you have an amazing experience when you do business with us.

As part of our All About You Service Approach™:

  • We are available and respond 7 days a week
  • We will get someone out to your home in 5 business days or less
  • We will educate you, provide options and help you make the right decisions
  • We provide the best quality product on the market
  • We will proactively communicate so you have answers to your questions and know the status of your project
  • We will take care of the entire installation
  • We will show you how to use and care for your new window well covers
  • We will follow up to make sure you are happy

Quality Craftmanship You Can Count On

All of our window well covers are manufactured using nearly indestructible, UV stabilized Makrolon polycarbonate and can be made into any configuration. We manufacture and build all window well covers right here in Denver, and our waste materials are recycled locally to maintain a truly green manufacturing environment. Because we use polycarbonate materials, you won’t have to stare at an unsightly heavy metal grate that would detract from the enjoyment of your home.

You can also count on a finished product that is basement egress capable in order to adhere to all building and safety codes. For example, if you plan on having a bedroom in your basement, we’ll make sure there is a ladder for safe exit in the event of an emergency. In addition, your custom window well covers will allow the light in while keeping debris and water out.

We’re confident that our window well covers adhere to industry leading levels of craftmanship, and we stand by our work. All of our covers come with a limited lifetime warranty.

More than Just Window Well Covers

While window well covers are our specialty, we can assist you with just about any item that will enhance your basement window wells. We also offer:

  • Egress windows
  • Window scenes
  • Replacement of old wooden window wells with newer, safer and more beautiful options

At the start of the process, our team will come to your home and measure the window well to understand the scope of your job. This allows us to provide the right solution for your specific needs.

Specialty Window Liner Backgrounds

We’re the only provider in Colorado offering specially designed window well liner backgrounds. With over 100 background scenes to choose from, you can find the right design to align with your unique style. Instead of looking out of your basement window and staring at the well, these liners allow you to enjoy a beautiful scene that enhances the enjoyment of your home.

We offer these specialty window liner backgrounds as a stand-alone service or as an add-on service when you purchase window well covers.

Why Do I Need Window Well Covers?

Window well covers are an integral component to a properly functioning well. While you may think of this as a luxury add-on, nothing can be farther from the truth. Skipping out on this essential item will significantly impact the effectiveness of your window well.

Important Safety Benefits of Window Well Covers

Window wells can be a safety hazard for young children and pets. Without a window well cover, your children may fall into the well while playing, and pets may fall into the well while exploring the yard or chasing another animal. High quality, custom window well covers prevent your kids and pets from falling into the well, eliminating this serious safety risk.

Your pets aren’t the only animals at risk of falling into your window well. If you have squirrels, racoons, rabbits, or other animals that regularly roam around your yard, they may potentially fall into your well without a cover. When animals get stuck in a window well, they often panic and rip up the screen in an attempt to get out. In addition, the smell in the well will become unbearable if an animal gets stuck down there and dies. This damage to your window well is easily avoidable with a cover.

Important Protection Benefits of Window Well Covers

A sturdy custom window well cover can protect your well from the elements. It will keep snow, dirt, rain, leaves, twigs and other debris out of your window well. It will also prevent rodents, bugs and other pests from building a shelter inside your window well during the cold winter months.

Not only will this protect your window wells from unnecessary damage, but it will also reduce the cleaning and maintenance required of you.

Important Energy Efficiency Benefits of Window Well Covers

One of the greatest benefits of a window well is the ability to enjoy natural light in your basement on sunny days. While a custom window well cover prevents adverse weather and debris from damaging your well, it still allows natural light to pass through. The sunlight that flows into your basement through the window well cover will allow you to reduce your reliance on light fixtures, lamps and other lighting sources which increase your energy bill.

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The Right Solution

A properly fitting window well cover is crucial to delivering the results you need. All of our covers are custom built to the exact specifications of your window well to ensure you’re able to leverage the full benefits of your cover.

Discover the important considerations involved in finding the right window well cover for

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